GAINDA Shinex is a very effective glass / household cleaner. Double Action for glass and shiny surfaces :
Complete Cleaning - removes dust, dirt and tough stains. Cuts grease and leaves no oily residue.
Streak-free and pearly shine.

Ammonia - Free
Absolute Cleaning for glass, mirror, windows, tinted windows, chrome, laminate, stainless steel, porcelain, tile, fridge, television, kitchen cabinet, microwave, oven, laptop screens, furniture and other hard surfaces. To ensure best results use daily in order to prevent build up.

Features :
Extra Shine Boosters
Provides Streak-free shine
Pleasant Fragrance
Loaded with Anti-Dust Formula

Pack Sizes:
500mL ~ 24 bottles in 1 corrugated box.
5 Litre ~ 4 Pcs. in 1 corrugated box.

Physical Properties :
Physical Form: Liquid
Colour: Light Blue
Odour: Perfumed
Type: Normal
Stability: Stable under normal condition

Chemical Properties :
pH: Almost Normal
Shelf life: 18 Months from date of manufacture
Quaternary Ammonia & Mercuric Compound: Absent