More than 80 years of making healthier life at economical prices.

Grand Chemical Works was established in early 1940’s by Mr. O.P. Sabharwal and is now managed by his grandson and 3rd generation entrepreneur Mr. Akash Arora

In the early 1940’s Gainda Phenyle (Black) which is a homogeneous dark brown solution of coal tar acid and phenolic compounds with a suitable emulsifier was manufactured which received ISI certification in 1984 and the success can be seen by a unique case of advertisement where a local train running between Delhi, Ghaziabad, Mathura and Aligarh sporting 48 banners of Gainda brand of phenyle has been nick named by people as “Gaindachhap Train”. No wonder the product is a runaway success in the mass market as it possesses such germicidal quality that no other product of the same category can match.

Later by 1990, GAINDA DISINFECTANT (White) was introduced in the market which was finely dispersed homogeneous white to off-white natural pine oil based disinfectant was introduced in the market which was an instant success.

GAINDA Napthalene Balls was added to the product list and in 2016 the company launched its “DISINFECTANT SURFACE CLEANER” – GAINDA G-Kleen and “GLASS CLEANER” – GAINDA ShineX.

From its start Grand Chemical Works has been a leading “QUALITY PHENYLE”, “NAPHTHALENE BALLS”, “DISINFECTANT SURFACE CLEANER” and “GLASS CLEANER” manufacturer still creating new and better products to make life better and easy every day.